[Marxism] Four articles touching on Proportional Representation

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Jan 5 21:52:39 MST 2006

I have set my "google alerts" for "proportional representation."  
Although set for forwarding only once a day, apparently there is so  
much interest in creating a "fair representation" of what people want  
that most days I get two or three groupings.

The last one of this group touches on PR only peripherally. It is  
mostly about the upcoming Palestinian elections.

Brian Shannon

Maude Barlow's daily blog on Maclean's
Vive Le Canada - Canada
by Anonymous on Thursday, January 05 2006 @ 09:01 AM MST. Glad to see  
that Maude Barlow has joined the crowd of proponents of Proportional  
Representation. ...

Greens aim for electoral reforms
Globe and Mail - Canada
... In a question attached to the provincial election ballot last  
May, voters narrowly rejected a form of proportional representation  
called the single ...

Challengers in the shadows as leader throws down gauntlet
Financial Times - London,England,UK
... is popular among activists whom he has courted assiduously -  
mindful that Lib Dem leaders are chosen by one member one vote under  
proportional representation. ...

Full circle
Al-Ahram Weekly - Cairo,Egypt
... of campaigning, making use of popular media channels to inform  
the public about their candidates and the newly adopted proportional  
representation voting system ...

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