[Marxism] Criticisim-ism, its theory and practice today

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 6 06:45:12 MST 2006

rr wrote:
>Let me return my peace prize.  Walter writes garbage. Pure,
>unadulterated shite.   "While"-- wild animals? Frothing at the mouth?
>At an indigenous leader, as if ethnicity has anything to do with
>"Comfort of universities"?   And exactly what uncomfortable location  is
>Walter writing from?
>Opposing self-determination?
>Like I said garbage.  I don't know why such obvious distortion, and
>deliberate dishonesty, is allowed on this list.

As I have said previously, if Walter belonged to some sect, I would have 
booted him long ago. Could imagine what it would be like if we were being 
harangued by a WWP'er everyday about the need to defend Mugabe? 
Interestingly enough, the one self-identified WWP'er who used to post here 
was among our most respected comrades. Lou Paulsen obviously defended his 
party line as the need arose, but seemed happier writing about Foucault or 
American history.

In any case, I advise rr to adopt the same sort of indifference to Walter's 
baiting as David Walters has. He only resorts to these sorts of smears 
because his arguments are so weak. It is like a CP'er in the 1930s taunting 
Trotskyists as being on the same side as Hitler, etc.



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