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Counterpunch January 6, 2006
The Man Who Explained the Empire
Remembering Harry Magdoff


In reflecting on Harry Magdoff's life, who died this past New Year's Day at 
the age of 92, one has to start with the obvious. Harry was a committed, 
lifelong socialist, who stuck to his guns despite having paid a heavy 
personal price for doing so. Harry was also one of the very best economists 
of his time -- and I don't mean to include only socialist economists in the 
comparison, but the whole gamut running from left to right -- despite his 
having had no graduate training or the advantages of an academic job. Harry 
was also extremely warm and friendly, a heavy-set person with a kind of 
half-scruffy, half-stylish beard, a pipe, and with a personal style that 
came directly from the Jewish/Yiddish immigrant community in New York. His 
small apartment on West 84th Street was lined inch-to-inch with books. When 
I spent time there in the late 1970s and early 1980s, his 90ish 
mother-in-law was living in the apartment with Harry and his wife Beadie 
(about whom more later). Harry and Beadie always made an effort to keep the 
older woman in the mix of things, right along with all the lefties and 
intellectual heavies that seemed to regularly come through.

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