[Marxism] Information on Timor Lorosae and Cuba

Clinton Fernandes clintonf at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jan 6 14:49:31 MST 2006

PM Alkatiri's statements on future Timor-Leste health system and T-L & USA
      bilateral ties due to Timorese students studying medicine in Cuba

Speaking  to the media yesterday, PM Mari Alkatiri said that Timor-Leste is
expecting to implement a free health care system similar to Cuba's since it
is  an  important  sector  that  should serve the population. Therefore, he
appealed  to  the over 200 Timorese students departing for Cuba to be elite
doctors  when  returning  from Cuba. He added that Cuba has the best health
care system in the world because apart from the advanced medical equipment,
poor  peasants  can  be  treated equally as rich persons because the health
care  system is free. A free health care system is one which the government
dreams of putting in place, reported the journal.

When  asked  about the impact of Timor-Leste and Cuba bilateral ties on the
country's  bilateral  ties  with  the United States of America, PM Alkatiri
stated  that  Timor-Leste's cooperation in the health sector with Cuba will
not  affect  its  bilateral ties with USA because the country is willing to
cooperate  with anybody, and Cuba happens to have the best health system in
the  world.  Therefore,  Timor-Leste wants to learn from Cuba's health care
system  in order to implement it in Timor-Leste. PM Alkatiri also explained
that there are things that the country can share with US position but there
are also issues that the country views independently on whether to vote for
or  against  with  USA  or  other  countries. But, the whole point that the
current  government  is  trying  to  do  is  to get the best for its future
generation, particularly by having a couple of thousand Timorese doctors by
2015 based on the target set for Timor-Leste's health sector.

The  report further mentioned that apart from sending up to 627 students to
study  in Cuba, Timor-Leste National University has also started a medicine
programme  in  2005.  The  other  impacting  progress  from the cooperation
between  Cuba and Timor-Leste's government has been the current presence of
65 Cuban doctors in Timor-Leste and 300 doctors pledged by Cuba.

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