[Marxism] Fw: "AIDS for Rent"

wrobert at uci.edu wrobert at uci.edu
Fri Jan 6 18:52:01 MST 2006

     I'm not sure that this will lead to any discussion amidst the Bolivia
talk, but I thought that I would throw in my two cents in response to
the comments on Schulman.  I read the little book that Schulman
produced in discussing Rent, and its pretty damning.  It steals
greatly from the novel and drains it of its politics.  In regards to
marginality, I think that Shulman's concept of art (particularly with
theater) seems to be more community oriented, one that emphasizes
less distance between audience, actors, and writers.  Obviously, this
makes the production smaller than a piece like Rent, but I feel that
the politics of that community are more interesting too. It's also a
concept of art that links closely to activism. Also, I feel that Rent
was just a travesty to a particularly good book, People in Trouble. 
Folks might want to check out her last book Shimmer which is set at
the beginning of the McCarthy era, and has really interesting

                 robert wood

     "I repudiate 'politics first and art later', an idea which has
surface again understandably in these threatening times.  Politics
arise from our view of the world and what kind of world we wish to
live in.  Art is a powerful tool and a powerful cipher in the making
of such choices."
                     --Eddie Prevost

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