[Marxism] Worse Than Fossil Fuel

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Sat Jan 7 04:05:46 MST 2006

a few weeks ago i posted a george monbiot article on the list, entitled
'worse than fossil fuel'. rod holt expressed skepticism towards it and
said he'd like to check what monbiot's references would reveal. i don't
know if he's had the time to do it yet, but i would be interested in
hearing what he thinks of the matter after checking the references

i posted the original monbiot piece as a complete layman, and said it
was "good" because it seemed to "make sense" to me, given the
rudimentary understanding i have of these things. so any informed
commentary of the piece would be more than welcome, just like i found
the discussion on nuclear energy between rod holt and les schaffer
really good

(in these things i'm really just a follower, and in practice usually
take for granted whatever greenpeace, friends of the earth et al say on
nuclear energy etc, as mostly the defense of nuclear power (in my
country finland, at least, where the heavy industry coalition started
building the sixth reactor last year) comes from capital and their
allies.. so it's good to read informed [as far as i can judge :) ]
discussion on these matters between people "in your own camp")

On Sat, 2005-12-10 at 08:22 -0800, Rod Holt wrote:
> The article as sent by Joonas had numbers in parentheses as though they 
> were referring to footnotes. When I went to the Guardian site, the 
> atrticle had no footnotes. How do I find the footnotes? I would expect 
> them to be important in answering Monbiot's worries.
> As far as a Marxist is concerned, Monbiot does mix his personal 
> frustration with capitalism's stupid "solutions" to the climate change 
> compared with mankind's social potential -- an unfortunate event for a 
> writer usually so clear. Joonas's recommendation of this article as 
> "good" doesn't help. I'd like to address that if I can get the 
> footnotes. I'd hate to wander afield because I don't have them.
>        --rod

jjonas @ nic.fi

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