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> That national struggles arise from
> the class struggle and give expression to the interests of classes is
> like, duh.... But the "national" character of this isn't just
> decorative, the *forms* are important and it takes a long and
> complicated process for the class questions and interests involved to
> play out and reveal themselves. Attempting to short circuit that
> process by going straight to the proletarian revolution *will not
> work.* I believe the course proposed by the comrades is tantamount to
> trying to make a revolution in Bolivia *without* or *against* its
> indigenous peasant and informal sector (displaced peasant) majority.

If we were debating on, say, Argentina 1950, or Brazil today, I would 
not care to add these words to Joaquín's sensible reply.

But I think that when we talk about _Bolivia_ (of all countries) and 
we think that the "national" character of the struggle can even 
happen to be something like decorative, and  someone has to take to 
task and explain that it isn't, then something is wrong at the most 
general level of perception.

To put it in a single sentence:  the American Embassy in Bolivia is 
more powerful than the local government.

If this does not make the "national" issue the basic issue, and not 
only a "form", as Joaquín explains, but partly a "contents" of the 
struggle (this verbiage is a concession to Aristotle, quite 
Parmenidean to my taste, but let it be so), then I am afraid nothing 

I repeat:  the US EMBASSY is stronger than the BOLIVIAN HOUSE OF 

Allow me to put it in an absurd way:  what would the American working 
class do if some other country's embassy (say, China) were stronger 
than the White House?  What would the American revolutionaries take 
as a central point of their own struggle?

Please, comrades, let us stick to basic facts.

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