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Interesting fact.  Source please.

Measurements of physical development, nutrition are funny things-- 
generally showing "progress" even under generally adverse economic

UN FAO Database shows a significant increase in calories/per capita/per
day for Boliva for the 1964-1972 period, after the overthrow of MNR--  a
15% increase-- and after that the numbers stay pretty flat, growing only
10% in the next 30 years.

Same databases show a decline in per cap daily calories in Chile after
the overthrow of Allende, but then sustained recovery  and increases
1983-1994.  Wouldn't want to say that proves the "progressive"
developmental nature of free market/death squad capitalism though, would


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Might I add, without bothering anyone here, that even a petty-
bourgeois nationalist revolution such as the one in 1952 solved still
another problem, a problem that people outside Bolivia (and certainly
in the US) could never possibly imagine a national issue?  That
problem was low stature.  Yes, low stature, a byproduct of
malnutrition.  After 1952, Bolivians began to be taller.

This has little to do with socialism, certainly.  But I think that
malnutrition does not make good Petrograd Red Guards.

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