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I share almost everything in Lüko's recent posting on Bolivia.  But there is a mistake.

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>    To cite the latest. The conflict comes with the sale of water
> supplies to a French company, and of the gas to a number of
> international corporations. 

This is _the_ mistake, which is not attributable to Lüko nor to any 
other cde.  The conflict _dragged along_ all the neo-liberal period 
that started in 1985, and exploded and thus _gained international 
notoriety_ (that is why so many believe it began with the "water 
war") with the popular upheavals.

And the core of the conflict did not lie in whether Bolivians should 
pay more or less for water but on whether imperialists would still 
bleed the country dry by whatever means.  Water companies were the 
weaker link.  Now, Bolivians are struggling against their main enemy, 
that is oil and gas companies.

This can't be done lightly, nor in a couple of days.  The Angolan 
example fits the scenario very well.  But also take into account that 
Bolivia will (hopefully) soon join the Petroamerica proposition of 
Chávez, so that things may have a great change in a matter of months.

The very _comment_ by Morales that he will put the Bolivian state at 
the center of the price negotiations on gas is a strike to the oil 
monopolies, and the first concrete result of the 54% he gathered in 
the last election.  His team plans to use the gas and oil to 
industrialize the country, which would become a Copernican 
transformation in South American geography and history.

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