[Marxism] Water, gas and imperialism

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 7 10:21:11 MST 2006

Nestor writes:
 If you want to reduce the Bolivian people's struggle to economicist 
upheavals, that's good for you.  If you want to boost a socialist 
revolution in Latin America, start by informing the imperialist oil 
companies that you will take command of the prices to be charged for 
Bolivian oil and gas exports.  What the imperialists do NOT want is 
(a) to relinquish their grip on this issue, and (b) to have the gas 
forced into Bolivia for household consumption (one of the richest 
countries in gas has 90% of its population yearning for something 
that takes them out of wood-based fuel) and the Bolivian 
industrialization of iron.

Bolivia is the key to the geopolitics of South America.  If you don't 
see this, then you are missing 7/8s of the scenario.
 Pointing out class struggles is **economist**?  That's a seriously warped mischaracterization of everything I've been discussing here.  Economism is the broken notion that the working class doesn't have to take political power, that a revolutionary party is unnecessary.  This is in fact the opposite of what I think, though I haven't elaborated on it; I do think that without a leadership that is class conscious and capable of the tasks of a socialist revolution that the uprisings thus far will come to nothing.
 You seem to, along with Joaquin, go along with an idea that the national questions can be solved without provoking class conflict and causing a resolution one way or another.  This is deeply mistaken.  The national and anti-imperialist struggles are inextricably connected with the class struggle, and have brought it to the fore already.  How Marxists can think it is not going to force a resolution of the real class questions in Bolivia is beyond me, but there is widespread denial of the idea on this list.

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