[Marxism] Denis Donaldson

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Jan 7 15:25:44 MST 2006

Actually, I take back my admission of an error re the importance of
Denis Donaldson.


A member of the IRSP has just drawn my attention to the following
extract from an article written by a socialist-republican in the 'Weekly


"He was a senior member of the Provisional movement with impeccable
credentials who belonged to the group of key strategists who planned the
evolution of the movement throughout the years. Donaldson was part of a
so-called 'kitchen cabinet' of advisers within Sinn Fein and the IRA who
supported and nurtured Gerry Adams's peace strategy. His relationship to
Gerry Adams is similar to that of Downing Street chief-of-staff Jonathan
Powell to Anthony Blair. 'To say Denis was just a "long-standing member
of the party" is simply untrue. He was not only Adams's chief-of-staff
at Stormont, he was one of his closest aides and allies. He probably
knew what colour of toilet paper Gerry wiped his bum with,' one former
IRA prisoner said."


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