[Marxism] Re: Bolivia discussion

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Sat Jan 7 15:28:32 MST 2006

In answer to Brian Shannon, I take note that Brian thinks "old 
schemas and stereotypes" are "what we have learned from the 
Russian, Chinese, Cuban, Algerian, Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Iran 
(Mossadegh), ... all of Trotsky and most of Lenin (the part from 
the April Theses on)."

As for me, I prefer to stand on my statement, which Brian, in his 
demagogy, overlooks:

"The revolutionary process now under way in Venezuela is teaching 
us much about the whole problematic of transitional regimes, as, 
for an earlier generation (that includes me) Cuba did, and 
continues to do. The process within each social (state) formation 
is unique in important ways. Events in Bolivia in the coming 
months and years will teach us all a lot more about the mutual 
interrelationship of the national, indigenous and socialist 
revolutions in Latin America."

And speaking of stereotypes, it would be hard to match those 
expressed by Robert Montgomery in his latest dispatch.


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