[Marxism] Denis Donaldson

jmcanulty jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jan 7 19:27:20 MST 2006

Recently D'oC released a barrage of abuse about my views of Sinn Fein and the current state of the Irish struggle. I suppose I should be grateful that he is acquainting posters with the debating techniques of his organisation.

The standard technique is to display the arrogance of the militarist and assert that only the fighters have the right to speak, a position that has become even more ridiculous following the republican surrender. This is followed by slander - my criticism proves me to be a British agent.

I don't know Donal. I know all the people he eulogises - all the guerilla fighters. I know them because for long periods of time my organisation stood almost alone in defending the legitimacy of the struggle against imperialist rule while also warning militants about the limitations of individual armed action.

At that time we were seen as allies of Irish republicanism. Today their allies are within Irish capitalism, in Downing Street, and inside the Bush White house.

I don't know Donal. I know several generations of Donals - shameless shills for Sinn Fein who trotted out whatever garbage was the line for that day and spiced it up with slander and invective. In the background were the bully boys who dealt with those who wouldn't take the hint - possibly an explanation for the virus attacks since my last posting.

The technique is evident in his 'critique' of my article - slicing it up to insert mindless assertions of support for his organisation and equally mindless invective directed at Socialist Democracy.

I'm not interested in trading punches with Donal. I am interested in allowing those outside Sinn Fein to make up their own minds about the current state of the Irish struggle. For that purpose Donal's own words will suffice. In an earlier post on the internet he spoke of Sinn Fein's policy of alliance with 'other bourgeois nationalist parties' - something Sinn Fein is entitled to pursue. However:

It ain't Marxism.

It ain't Socialism.

It ain't anti-imperialism.

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