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> "The MAS will want to neutralise us or even kill us. Alvaro Garcia
> knows us well and he has the means to hurt us. We will no doubt have
> to go underground to be able to continue to fight against the system.
> With Alvaro Garcia in it, a MAS government would undoubtedly be our
> enemy."

Now, in the Bolivian conditions this is simply a menace.

Quispe is beginning to play the same role the "Trotskyists" played during the J.J.Torres regime.  Or when they helped the Rosca and the Super-state (did you know that prior to the 1952 revolution the private and foreign mining companies were stronger than the State in Bolivia, thus were called a "Super-state"?) to hang Villarroel in 1948.

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> There are also criticisms from Felipe Quispe, who is an indigenous
> leader with Marxist politics.

I beg to differ.  Quispe is an ethnocentrist who has been neutralized 
by Morales, but not before he offered the ethnocentric racists in the 
East (the white skinned oligarchy of Santa Cruz) all that they needed 
to prop up their separatism.

Barely "Marxist", unless you consider people by what they _look 
like_, not by what they _do_

There is no inter-ethnic group strife on this.  Quispe wants it to be 
that way, but it is not.  His following comes from a very old left-
leaning area near La Paz, the "Red Ayllus", four ayllus with mostly 
Quichua origin.  But that is all that there is to it.

Morales has become the representative of cholos, Aymaras, Quichuas 
and even many white Bolivians.  He wants to put Bolivia on its feet 
and link it to L.A., not to turn it into a hell of inter-cultural 

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