[Marxism] Annual Top 50 Most Translated Authors (Lenin is number 4!)

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Jan 8 09:47:31 MST 2006

Speaking of Financial Times.  While rr's story is more immediately pertinent in the here and now, did anyone else notice on W5 the Index Translationum of 50 most translated authors?   Published by UNESCO (it was started under the auspices of an agency of the old League of Nations in 1931), it is the central record of all translated works.   Though Walt Disney, Inc (uhhh!) is No 1, Lenin is No 4.  Marx and Engels are further down the list at Nos. 30 and 36, respectivley.  

The complete list is at http://news.ft.com/cms/s/38c477cc-7f22-11da-a6a2-0000779e2340.html

Louis Godena

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