[Marxism] "site cannot be found"

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sun Jan 8 14:14:29 MST 2006

On Jan 8, 2006, at 3:54 PM, Johannes Schneider wrote:

> Brian Shannon quoted AP:
>> On the China-based portal of search engine Google, a search for  
>> material the Dalai Lama, Taiwan and other sensitive topics returns  
>> a message saying "site cannot be found."
> I dont know what "the China-based portal of search engine Google"  
> is supposed to mean, but when I go to http://www.google.cn and  
> enter "Dalai Lama". The first hits is the "Official site from the  
> Government Of Tibet In Exile".

I took this article to be a comment on Microsoft, not on China. In  
any case, perhaps the difference is that the AP article refers to a  
"China-based portal."


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