[Marxism] German leader faults Cuba prison ofrevolution

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Sun Jan 8 14:38:21 MST 2006

On Sun, 8 Jan 2006 12:59:16 -0600 (GMT-06:00), Walter Lippmann wrote:

> ''An institution like Guantanamo can and should not exist in the 
longer term," Merkel said in an interview published in yesterday's 
edition of the weekly magazine Der Spiegel. ''Different ways and means 
must be found for dealing with these prisoners."

   Please note the formulations: "in the longer term". The translation 
leaves out the other caveat: "in this way". 

>She said she would not demand the immediate closure of the US prison 
when she meets President George W. Bush on Friday. ''My talks with 
leaders of other countries don't consist of my expressing demands, but 
of exchanging views," she said.

  Read again what Merkel said: this prison is untenable _in this way in 
the long run_. 

   She just expressed a fact. And please note, that she did not call for 
the closure of that prison camp in the US occupied part of Cuba, but 
just gave her view, that that prison as it is run today cannot be kept 

   And this not because she would not present her hosts with hard 
demands, but she didn't call for closing that prison camp in the 
interview with a German newsweekly. No, not at all. 

   She also does not demand the release of the prisoners who are hold 
captive for several years now and have not had their day in court, or at 
best in a mock court. 

   No, she just noted that those prisoners should be dealt with in a 
different way. 

   Remember that in that press conference with US foreign minister Rice 
in Berlin, where the kidnapping of the German citizen al-Masri was 
discussed, she just announced that there would be a secret report to the 
parliament committee on the secret services, and that was to be it, and 
that all similar cases would be treated that way. 

   And that her minister of the interior, Schäuble, insists that all 
"intelligence" even if acquired via torture, has to be used. German 
officers even travelled to Syria to interview a German citizen held 
there, but not to discuss what could be done for his release, no, just 
to get information (possibly against him) after a long detention by a 
regime which is charged by the German government itself of torture and 
political assasinations. 

   And just consider this: 

>Guantanamo Bay is deeply unpopular in Germany.
>There is widespread skepticism in Germany about the way the United 
States is fighting its ''war on terror."

  So please don't tell anybody that anybody should have more 
conservatives as this person. 


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