[Marxism] Re: Wall Street Journal: "Google Meets China"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 8 17:10:41 MST 2006

The real issue here is the right of nations to self-determination. All nations
are NOT created equal. Some nations blockade others. Washington does
blockade Cuba, in case you didn't know. One of the ways it does this is by
refusing to allow Cuba to purchase internet access at the same rate that
all other countries do, via fiber-optic cables which exist below the surface
of the sea. Cuba purchases all of its internet service through the satellite,
a much more expensive method, and so it limits public access to the net
as a whole in a range of ways. The Cuban government makes decisions
about this, not all of which meet my approval (which you didn't mention).

Your point about them losing more than they gain by censoring CANF and
CubaNet is correct, by the way. I agree with you. Cuba and China are, as
you say "bureaucratic". We in the capitalist USA, of course are NOT in a
"bureaucratic society" because we are in a "free society", am I right?

In Cuba there are four television channels today. Before the revolution
there were two. Cuban TV started in 1955. Cuba recently celebrated the
50th anniversary of Cuban television, started during Batista's rein. Now
some Cubans have illegal satellite dishes. They use them to watch Miami
Channel 23, which is Mexican Univision programming, not hard rightist
propaganda. The Cuban government makes some efforts to stop this,
but is not completely successful. Does this bother me? Not in the least.

The message of those telenovelas is that there are only two kinds of
people in the world: victims and predators. There is lots of commercial
advertisements for things which can be bought, many of them on time
payments with credit cards. Cuban's don't have a lot of stuff, but they
don't have any personal indebetedness at all. There is a poisonous
ideological message in that Miami-Mexican programming, and I have
personally observed its effects on its viewers.

This whole internet issue is more complex than a few paragraphs can
suggest, and, as I said, David is right about Cuba blocking those sites
which it does block. I tend to think it's silly, but it hardly amounts to the
crime against nature and human rights which the MIAMI HERALD would
have its readers believe. Have a sense of proportion, por favor!


My, my, my, read 1984 lately? This sounds like truth-speak or whatever you call
it. The US is bad off because we have "too many" choices, and this is 
like the Chinese who have...one choice? 
Where ARE you going with this line of reasoning Walter?

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