[Marxism] Re: Wall Street Journal: "Google Meets China"

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Sun Jan 8 17:57:47 MST 2006

I think, really, that the Cubans know all this. I really think it's a form of
'punishment' to these particulary terrorist organizations sitting in south
Florida and not a generalized censoring of material. I don't know, really, what
else they forbid but I assume there is little else of consequence. It is like
that fake "TV Marti" that the US set up, impinging on Cuban airways. It is a
*direct assault* on Cuban soverightry and they should block it. But I say this
because they don't block TV out of Key West. Like I said, it's censoring is not
so much ideoligical, it seems, but "pay-back". Anyway, probably the biggest
issue for Cuba is GETTING it's population internet access to begin with, and
that's a political-technilogical issue I'd some to see Walter write something
on. It would really be bad if Cuba was left behind the rest of Latin America on
this (I'm making a big assumption here, I don't have a clue about what
percentage of the population actually has access to the Internet :). Walter is
right, I wouldn't get bent out of shape on this either.

What Joaquín stated about onion-networking and proxy servers...the way I
understand China's method...they have one internet service provider, one
channel out to the rest of the world. If you live in Canton, it's all routed
through Beijing and then out via commerical internet gateways to the WWW.
E-mail travels the same route. So, the proxy-server can only work by getting
out through the portal, but what comes back in is simply "looked at" via the
use of super-computers and huge banks of computers that run high-end algorythms
akin to the NSA. It tracks both content and destintion (thus the arrests at
Internet cafes). Everything except those uplinks to sputniks flying over the
equator which are not so easily blocked. But, at the end of the say, the
information gets around.

The "petty-bourgeois rightwing" (talk show hosts, Pat Buchanan types, etc) are
having a field day with this attacking US corporations in the same manner we
attacked Dow Chemical for making money off of napalm or IBM designing the
computerized pass system for apartheid South Africa. I'm hoping that the
Chinese gov't just gives up after a while, but it doesn't seem they are. Their
thought-police seem to be growing not shrinking. BTW...Folun gong or whatever
they are called are still their primary target for some reason, priortized over
"Kuomintang" and "death to china" even.....


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