[Marxism] Professor Yee endorses child torture

Mason Gibb mason.akhnaten at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 23:39:53 MST 2006


Professor Yoo was actually a "Distinguished Fellow" at University of
California, Irvine.  There was a very minimal "protest" staged.  The
most militant and successful in their approach would be the Muslim
Student Association.  The brothers and sisters had quotes of Yoo's
criminal statements and their presentation outside the talk drew more

Other student groups were much less successful in organizing their
thoughts into a specific attack.  Meaningless slogans and inconsistent
statements surrounded the 2 other "left" groups (students for peace
and justice--i think, and the uci democrats).  UCI is a farily
conservative campus in Orange County, one of the most conservative
areas of California (the official UCI studnet newspaper publishes
articles equating Palestines with Al-Qaeda; the Muslim Student
Association on the UCI campus has been the subject of much controversy
and Bill O'Reilly said some slanderous remark about the UCI brothers
and sisters recruiting for acts of terrorism, etc).

A small petition was attempted to strip Yoo of the "Distinguished
Fellow" title, considering his criminal stance on torture and the
irrelevance of international law.  Of course, this small, online-only
movement went no where; Yoo was free to speak and keep the title.  The
petition had asked for a panel or debate or soemthing, I think, as
well.  The compromise was a sort of panel, not a debate.  Information
was generally spoken about in terms of international law instead of
material relations.

As a student (@ UCI), what tactics would members of this group have
suggested for dealing with this fucking "Distinguished Fellow"?  I'm
very concerned about how studnets can resist this bullshit.   A small
gorup of liberal professors spoke out, but it was largely overlooked
by many other left-leaning professors.


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