[Marxism] Re Boliva Discussion

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 9 06:16:12 MST 2006

Robert Montgomery:  "In this, Lenin was entirely consistent with the
position Trotsky had developed in the wake of the revolution of 1905."

Let's see ... Trotsky, in 1905, developed the right position to take on
the then-unexpected great imperialist slaughter, which was the result of
a stage of capitalism that Trotsky in 1905 had no clue about, and for a
party that did not then exist in 1905, would not arise as a separate
party for several more years, and whose existence as a separate party
Trotsky would oppose for an other 10-12 years? 

Seems entirely consistent with the rest of latter-day Trotskyism!

Long live revealed Truth! 

Down with vulgar reality, which constantly sullies the virgin purity and
crystal clarity of our ideas!!!


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