[Marxism] Re: Weather Underground - I knew those comrades anditwas not "...

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 9 06:16:22 MST 2006

As the prime offender in this matter, let me one point:

 1.My attempts at "humor"  were consciously offensive, in bad taste,
based not on any personal antipathy to the Weatherman. Actually, I was
quite close, personally, with Bill Ayers and Diana Oughton at Ann Arbor,
and knew Terry Robbins.  Rather, I thought then, and still think "bad
taste" was in order, given the Weathergroup's own sloganeering about
"Year of the Fork," etc.  Supposed to have been a joke that, right?
Real funny, right?  "Charles Manson, Live Like Him..." How does that
rate on the bad taste scale?


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