[Marxism] Annual Top 50 Most Translated Authors (Lenin is number 4!)

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 9 07:33:54 MST 2006

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	The only other socialists (being generous) are Jack
London at No. 19 and Oscar Wilde at 32. Interesting that Jules
Verne is still so high. It's a strange list in many ways. You'd
think Steven King would be higher. Isaac Asimov still makes
No.14. Agatha Christie's reactionary old stuff at No.2, mourning
the Edwardian lost world. How can anyone read that fossilised old
crap, especially the ridiculous Hercule Poirot? Jon Culshaw's
British comedy sketch show did one of Poirot: "The reason I've
called you altogether," says Poirot, in the familiar scene, "is
because I have no friends." The walking powder puff, Barbara
Cartland makes No.6. She used to dictate her novels, as did John
Creasey (now thankfully forgotten and not on this list) which
accounts for the shallowness of them. High productivity but very
low quality.

Jack Cade


1 Walt Disney Inc US

2 Agatha Christie UK

3 Jules Verne France

4 Vladimir Lenin Russia

5 Enid Blyton UK

6 Barbara Cartland UK

7 William Shakespeare UK

8 Danielle Steel US

9 Hans Christian Andersen Denmark

10 Stephen King US

11 Jakob Grimm Germany

12 Wilhelm Grimm Germany

13 Bible (New Testament)

14 Isaac Asimov US

15 Mark Twain US

16 Alexandre Dumas France

17 John Paul II Poland

18 Georges Simenon Belgium

19 Jack London US

20 Arthur Conan Doyle UK

21 Rene Goscinny France

22 Bible

23 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Russia

24 Robert Louis Stevenson UK

25 Leo Tolstoy Russia

26 Charles Dickens UK

27 Astrid Lindgren Sweden

28 Robert L. Stine US

29 Victoria Holt UK

30 Karl Marx Germany

31 Alistair MacLean UK

32 Oscar Wilde Ireland

33 Sidney Sheldon US

34 Rudolf Steiner Austria

35 Ernest Hemingway US

36 Friedrich Engels Germany

37 Hermann Hesse Germany

38 Honore de Balzac France

39 James Hadley Chase UK

40 Bible (Old Testament)

41 Nora Roberts US

42 Charles Perrault France

43 Ruth Rendell UK

44 Edgar Allan Poe US

45 Robert Ludlum US

46 Rudyard Kipling UK

47 Plato Greece

48 Roman Catholic Church

49 J.R.R. Tolkien UK

50 Franz Kafka Czechoslovakia

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