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Jennifer Martin-Romme jesse75101 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 09:43:46 MST 2006

Two barriers that I see to understanding "raunch feminism" is that most of the people talking about it are either middle-aged and/or men.  The young women who coined the notion aren't really writing and talking about it.  It's not exactly an intellectual sort of movement.

And though I'm female and a feminist, I'm too old myself to really weigh in on it meaningfully except to say that I think the assumption that it's the "anti-feminism" is presumptuous.  It ignores the subculture of America's Generation Y, where the kids have grown up with little tangible evidence of female "inferiority," but where both boys and girls have the low-wage job market to look forward to when they grow up (even if they went to college).  They were raised on psychobabble and DARE rhetoric and were taught to value mindless conformity and obedience.  As a result, I think "raunch feminism" speaks to Gen Y on some level that the rest of us don't understand and which they aren't old enough to articulate yet.

Before those of us raised on 60's second wave feminism get too upset about "raunch culture," we might want to consider that maybe capitalism CREATED second wave feminism.  After all, imagine all that labor going to waste with women staying home when those women could be out in the markets making money for the corporate CEOs!  I see "raunch feminism" as partially a rebellion against this.

On the one hand you can say that, 
because female 
sexual liberation is extremely new and even 
revolutionary from a 
historical viewpoint, maybe there will be a period of 
"overreaction" in 
which an overt and blatant flaunting of sexuality is 
cathartic. It's also possible that the hyper-sexual 
commercialized twist 
on feminism is a real-life analogy to what Marx said 
would happen in 
socialist society, that it would be almost subsumed by 
the flaws of 
capitalist society when it first emerges (maybe "birth 
pangs" was the 

But on the other hand, when Levy talks about  the 
female fascination 
with being strippers, running around eager to excite 
male viewers on 
'Girls Gone Wild', with women themselves calling the 
shots to increase 
this trend, perhaps this reflects the the perversion 
of feminist values, 
which originally had a more radical flavor, that is 
inevitable under a 
capitalist paradigm. Maybe this is the natural 
direction of feminist 
values under capitalism, to become a joke on itself.

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