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Trotskyism in Bolivia was never a mass-party. The original Partido Obrero
Revolutionary did have a mass *influence*. In 1948, after getting the national
union federaion the COB to adopt what was the Transitional Program for
Socialist Revolution as the unions program, POR members made up a majority
percentage of the Miners Unions "Parliamentary Fraction" since the POR was
based in large part among the tin miners, a union they shared leaderhip in.

The POR probably never broke 1,000 members, however, which while big in some
respects, was certainly not 'mass' in anyone's definition of the term. The same
POR is around today, about 100 members and controls the El Alto and La Paz
teachers union.

The same, btw, was true with the Vietnamese Trotskyist organizations...there
were two of them. They had combined from the reading I've done on this at one
time up to 2,000 members, maybe more but not much more.

The only 'mass' Trotskyist party was the LSSP in Ceylon/Sri Lanka, which filled
the role as *the* party of the Ceylonese working class and, pretty much played
the same sort of role as the mass Social-democratic and Stalinist parties did
in other countries.


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