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robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:21:26 MST 2006

robert montgomery <ilyenkova at gmail.com> wrote:

>When he (Lenin) reoriented the Bolskevik perspective in the April
Theses Lenin's judgement was based on a reading of the Russian
situation that the democratic tasks: abolition of Tsarism,
redistribution of landed property to the peasants, a democratic
republic, development of the productive forces, and introduction of
broad social reforms, could only be acccomplished under the leadership
of the proletariat, which at the same time would take the first steps
in its own name towards socialism.

>"Reoriented"? Funny, what you write here of Lenin's view in April
1917 is exactly what Lenin already wrote in 1905-6.<

Actually, the phrase "reoriented the Bolshevik perspective" comes from
John G. Wright's translation of L.T.s Lessons of October. For your
contention to be correct Lenin would have had to have broken with the
democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and the peasantry
perspective prior to his return to Russia in the Spring of 1917. It
would certainly be significant if Lenin shared Trotsky's views on the
nature of the coming revolution in 1905-06. At any rate Lenin's
pronouncement at the Finland Station ("socialism"), and his break with
the Old Guard (esp Kamenev-Stalin-Zinoviev), opened the path to
alliance with Trotsky, reorientation of the Party, and to October

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