[Marxism] Re: Weather Underground - I knew those comrades anditwas not "...

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Jan 9 14:18:49 MST 2006

I didn't sneer, laugh or rejoice in the sacrifice of the Weather people.
Rather, I was there trying to stop it.  

The equation of not picking up a gun with being an "armchair
revolutionary" is an old RYM rhetorical device.  It was simple-minded
and dishonest then, and it is surely not less so now that we all have
seen the error of their not-so-shining path.

I solidarize completely with Ethan's suggestion that we remember the
legions of serious, dedicated and intelligent SDSers whose "commitment,
intelligence and self sacrifice" was no less than that of the RYM
currents.  Not only should they be no less inspiring, but if you base
the inspiration on the "intelligence" of their course, the record speaks
for itself.  Of course, if you really base your inspiration on the
biggest bang, those who've spent decades in the trenches can't hold a
Roman candle to the Weather models.

As far as movies go, I'm sure that I'll get around to seeing this one,
but right now I'd rather take the time to watch SERENITY again.


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