[Marxism] judas [was Chavez/anti-semitism crap]

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Mon Jan 9 16:31:19 MST 2006

On Mon, 09 Jan 2006 12:19:33 -0500, kersplebedeb wrote:

> I have no idea how Chavez feels personally about Jews - 
> i have no reason to assume he is or is not an anti-Semite - 
> but reading the text of what he wrote 

   it was not written, but spoken 

>                                         i have no doubt 
> he was aware of how his statement would be 
> interpreted by most Jews and by most anti-Semites. 

   I followed one of the links given in another contribution, and found 
on the website of the US foreign ministry this "International Religious 
Freedom Report 2005" by a "Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor"

> http://www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/irf/2005/51657.htm

  which says among others: 

  "The country is a historically open society without significant 
anti-Semitism; however, the Government and its supporters occasionally 
demonstrated possible anti-Semitism." 

   and that makes me think that without a tradition of antisemitism, 
people of that society are not trained to realize that what they say 
might be exploited as an antisemitic slur. 

   This international noise about this allegoric formulation by Hugo 
Chávez could cause him to be more conspicuous about his choice of 
allegories in order to avoid giving the imperialists a breach they can 


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