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Don't mean you any personal ill will.  For the record, I think you
misunderstand the reference to the "Year of the Fork."  Had nothing to
do with vegetarianism, animals, or police as pigs.

Came from the Manson led slaughter of Sharon Tate and friends.  Tate was
pregnant, Manson or one his followers stuck a fork in her belly after
killing her.  Nice, huh?  Nice thing to turn into a slogan. Nice thing
to proclaim at your "War Council."

I don't want to argue or justify my bad taste; try  to make it
palatable. That would be self-defeating, wouldn't it.  It is what it is.
But fuck it, you make sick jokes about people's deaths?  Expect them to
be made about yours when it's your turn.

As for the rest of what you say... don't have a problem with that...
don't think hard, intense, passionate debate precludes or excludes
respect, solidarity.  I know it doesn't exclude my respect of Nestor or


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