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Trotsky himself summarized what trotskyism is. I know everybody in the
list already knows his famous passage in "The History of the Russian
Revolution", but it will be illustrative for the audience: 
"Three series of ideas were thenceforth declared hostile to Bolshevism:
(1) denial of the possibility of the Soviet Union’s maintaining itself for
an indefinite length of time in a capitalist environment (problem of
military intervention); (2) denial of the possibility of its overcoming
with its own power, and within its national boundaries, the contradiction
between city and country (problem of economic backwardness and agrarian
problem); (3) denial of the possibility of creating a shut-in socialist
society problem of the world- wide division of labour). It will be
possible, according to the new school, to defend the inviolability of the
Soviet Union even without revolutions in other countries by way of the
"neutralisation of the bourgeoisie.” The collaboration of the peasantry in
the sphere of socialist construction must be acknowledged as assured.
Dependence upon world economy has been liquidated by the October
revolution and the economic successes of the soviets. A refusal to accept
these three propositions is "Trotskyism"—a doctrine incompatible with
Bolshevism." (Leon Trotsky; The History of the Russian Revolution;
Appendix II: Socialism In A Separate Country)


Mehmet Çagatay

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