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Yes I did misunderstand the meaning on "Year of the Fork" - thought it was 
about police - and with your providing the Sharon Tate murder details - I 
understand its meaning now. Thank you.  I would never justify those murders 
or defend anyone who was stupid or insensitve to do so.  I never heard any 
of the people in SDS I worked with praise those killings.  There were always 
a lot of "loose people" around, with their own impressions of reality.  
However, I doubt and hope that none of the people I had worked with and 
still like - would support the Manson killings. Even with those times being 
- against all things establishment, incuding movie stars. The Manson people 
were not part of the Left - just anti-social elements and products of a 
capitalist system, that created such alienation.

Thank you for providing the information.

John O'Brien

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>Don't mean you any personal ill will.  For the record, I think you
>misunderstand the reference to the "Year of the Fork."  Had nothing to
>do with vegetarianism, animals, or police as pigs.
>Came from the Manson led slaughter of Sharon Tate and friends.  Tate was
>pregnant, Manson or one his followers stuck a fork in her belly after
>killing her.  Nice, huh?  Nice thing to turn into a slogan. Nice thing
>to proclaim at your "War Council."
>I don't want to argue or justify my bad taste; try  to make it
>palatable. That would be self-defeating, wouldn't it.  It is what it is.
>But fuck it, you make sick jokes about people's deaths?  Expect them to
>be made about yours when it's your turn.
>As for the rest of what you say... don't have a problem with that...
>don't think hard, intense, passionate debate precludes or excludes
>respect, solidarity.  I know it doesn't exclude my respect of Nestor or
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