[Marxism] Re: Lenin, Trotsky and Permanent Revolution (was Bolivia Discussion)

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Tue Jan 10 11:00:45 MST 2006

Well to clarify what I said, and meant, in response to Michael K., I never said
that Lenin and Trotsky didn't have the same *position* I said, or meant to say,
they never had the same *theory*. That Lenin did not support PR is simply the
truth and there is nothing to contridict this.

But, in fact, Lenin *denounced* those that continued to hold the
"democratic-dictatorship" position in April. That is the *whole point* of the
April thesis. Anyone who believes that there was not a convergence in 1917
between Lenin and Trotsky over *what needed to be done* is living a fictitious
fairly land. I believe Lenin did "come over" to Trotsky's views, albeit not on
the elaborate theory of PR itself. And, for what it is worth, I most definetly
believe Lenin was *wrong* in this early period, that Trotsky was *right* and
October proves the point. My own view, of course.

Part of my disagreement over the history of this as I expressed it yesterday
focused on Trotsyist (and Trotsky) trying to down play these differences. From
another angle, I remember many an Oberlin (SWP) workshop where very smart
people tried make it seem that in this early 1903-06 period the differences
were "minor", too. And, this was false, people projecting the alliance between
Trotsky and Lenin *backward* to this period. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Austrailan DSP, which Michael K reflects, has developed their own theory of
"Uninterupted-stages" concept. The debate over this is reflected in the links
provided here previously, it's a fascinating debate, even thought I think
Hearse, in defending PR,  cleans up Lorimar all over the floor on this.

I don't think we will prove this either way here, nor should we even try. Even
as it applies to Bolivia today since we are realms far different than that
discussed by Lenin and Trotsky. Like me, some us here believe the PR is *very*
applicable today (especially in the era of globalizing imperialism!) and there
are those that don't. Probably, what the tasks are in Bolivia is more
controversial, what's going on there, the currents involve, where it is going,
etc is more to point...


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