[Marxism] A lesson from old history

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Jan 10 11:51:20 MST 2006

Yea, bread and land are class references. Bread is a symbol for subsistence,
income for the poor and working masses. Land obviously refers to poor

But I can see somebody from the debate here putting Lenin and the Bolsheviks
in the same category as Morales for not having a slogan about expropriating
the expropriators and gas immediately.



Ah Nestor, if only it were that easy; if only that's all there was to

In reality, there was ceaseless struggle against the landlords in the
countryside; ceaseless struggle against the bougeoisie in the factories
and the cities; ceaseless struggle against the officers in the

All of which created, sustained, and was sustained in turn by...drum
roll please... soviets-- instruments of self-conscious class rule.

That's what gave meaning to peace, bread, and land-- a class organized
as a class to create peace, produce bread as a use value, organize
agricultural and industrial production for both the production of bread
and peace.

That's where the class was/is-- right in the forefront of the struggle.
If you don't see the class specificity without which land, bread, peace
would have become an epitaph-- well, you need to look closer, further,
and again.


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