[Marxism] JANUARY/FEBRUARY ISSUE SOCIALIST VIEWPOINT - FOCUS ON LABOR - BEA HANSON: A Political Biography of Walter Reuther: The Record of an Opportunist

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 10 12:45:57 MST 2006

Dear Comrades,

The current issue of Socialist Viewpoint is now available on line at

There are extensive articles on the budding rank and file Auto Workers
resistance movement plus a brilliant article written by Bea Hanson entitled,
"A Political Biography of Walter Reuther:  The Record of an Opportunist"

I hope you find these articles of interest, in the context of our discussion
of permanent revolution, Trotskyism and the future of revolutionary
socialism in the US and the world.

In solidarity,

Bonnie Weinstein, Editorial Board, Socialist Viewpoint

January/February 2006 € Vol 6, No. 1 €
Table of Contents

Editor¹s Page

Green Party ³Peace² Campaign, Not a True Break
with Capitalist Politics
By Carole Seligman

GM/Delphi Autoworkers Prepare for Showdown Fight
with Auto Bosses
By Nat Weinstein

Labor Fights Back

Six by Greg Shotwell:

Fire the Boss
The NYC Transit Strike
UAW Rank-and-Filers Organize Against Major Attack
by Auto Bosses
Workers Will Rule When They Work to Rule
The Lawn Jockey¹s Lament
Ford Has a Better Idea: Shrinks Instead of Bennet¹s Boys
Concessions Don¹t Save Jobs
Rank and File Movement Continues to Grow
A Call To The Working-Class Struggle
By Todd M. Jordan

Not Without A Fight: Rank & File Meet To Beat Delphi & UAW
By Melodee Hagensen

Delphi Corporation: Bankruptcy by Design
G.M. Temporarily Waives Cuts in Prices It Pays Delphi
By Micheline Maynard

Delphi Extends Deadline for Talks on Cuts
By Sholnn Freeman

Rank And Filers Strategize Over Concessions
By Tiffany Ten Eyck

Showdown at Delphi: What Happened to the American Dream?
By Lee Sustar

Sound Familiar?

Arsenal of Marxism

A Political Biography of Walter Reuther:
The Record of an Opportunist
By Beatrice Hansen

U.S. Politics

Life in the Real World
By Bonnie Weinstein

Death Row Prisoner Wins Major Court Victory
By Robert R. Bryan

Tookie: From Chaos to Consciousness
By Mumia Abu-Jamal

Book Review

Marxism and the Venezuelan Revolution
By John Riddell

My Compatriots Have Learned a New Word for Love: Cuba
By Pedro de la Hoz

Goodbye, New Orleans
By Mike Tidwell


Explosion in the Suburbs
By Naima Bouteldja

This War Can¹t Be Stopped by a Loyal Opposition
By Jeremy Scahill

Dr. Weaver¹s Snake Oil and the Iraq War
By Tom Crumpacker

A Borderless State Pending Territorial Expansion
By Nizar Sakhnini

The Notion of the ŒJewish State¹ as an ŒApartheid Regime¹
is a Liberal-Zionist One
By Gary Zatzman

Some Impressions from Venezuela
By Andreas Bülow

Venezuelan Lawmakers Accuse Dissident Military
of Destabilization Plan
By Gregory Wilpert

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