[Marxism] Too much immoral relativism in USA

Juan Carlos juancarloscruz at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 10 19:57:54 MST 2006

HELLO ALL: The problem with "Freedom of speech" is that it promotes millions 
of different ideologies and it can trigger the invention of crazy anti 
scientific ideologies without any justified evidence.  Look at what a 
fascist from 'Haters Magazine' a fascist weird magazine ou there poisoining 
the mind of kids said:

"Socialism is religion because it holds oxymoronic judeo-christian pretexts, 
oddly enough, that while history is materialistic, materialism is evil.  
Thereby, historical materialism is real, but human materialism is not. The 
result is an ideology which is arbitrary and imaginary, specifically the 
real component (and excuse) is history, and the abstract component is the 
utopian future to be established by the socialists' reign of blood and 
seizure.  Marx was the son of a Rabbi and out to destroy religion to balance 
the extinction of Judaism in Europe, to destroy money to balance the 
extinction of the rich Jew, and to destroy democracy to balance the 
extinction of the minority Jewish vote.  Each target of Marxism, including 
Judaism, was a tool of civilization viewed as an archetype which needed to 
be destroyed*, ergo a Secondary bourgeois anti-morality adapted from the 
zionist socialism of Moses Hess."  -Haters Magazine

And that is the problem with developed nations that in developed nations 
people are too "free" to do weird stuff and to think weird stuff which leads 
to crazy ideologies like fascist punk, weird self degradation behaviour like 
ear rings and stuff and the bad thing is that this immoral relativism leads 
people to think that what they are doing is right indeed from their own 
point of view.  That's what led Charles Manson to wash the brain of hippies 
and kill a lot of people

Juan Carlos

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