[Marxism] Lenin, Trotsky and Permanent Revolution (was BoliviaDiscussion)

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But Carrol, you oppose also, actually more than oppose, think you have
used the word "detest,"  the notion of revolutions being triggered
materially by the conflict between the means and relations of

Now for some Marxists, and I wish many more, that conflict between means
and relations, between property and labor is nothing but the expansion
of the conflict at the core of the commodity between use value and
exchange value and in examining the conflicts between means and
relations we are doing nothing more and nothing less than following,
analyzing, and predicting capital's own conflicts, its own
contradictions, its own necessity for crises, breakdown, and calling
forth the moment and movement for revolution.

And I for one, and wish there were many more, think that Trotsky's work
on the coming revolution in Russia which had to transform itself into
and be transformed by the working classes seizure and reorganization of
property is the explicit recognition of expansion of the conflict
between means and relations of the capitalist mode of production onto
the international, world, stage.

At best your comments are curmudgeonly; at worst they're the usual run
of the mill rejection of concrete analysis that really distinguishes
leftism from Marxism.

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> Whether Lenin in 1905 was right about Trotsky or not I do not know nor
>> I wonder how many subscribers even open up the posts containing
> "Lenin/Trotsk" or "permanent revolution in the subject line. I've
> stopped reading them myself. And I read only posts by NEstor with
> "Bolivia" or "MOrales" in the subject line.

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