[Marxism] Internationalism, the main enemy, and what to do next

James Zarichny zarichny at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 01:57:33 MST 2006

Brian Shannon on Sat, 07 Jan wrote
"Compare this to the U.S. anti-Vietnam war movement.
It initially started out against LBJ and the
Democratic Party. As the opposition to the Vietnam war
deepened, the "part of the way with LBJ" crowd of 1964
had to fight against the liberal face of imperialism."

My comment:
   Brian seems to have a misconception as to what went
on in SDS.  I was present at the SDS convention in
Pine Hill, New York, in the summer of 1964 when the
"Part of the way with LBJ" slogan was adopted.  The
slogan came from people who were terrified of
Goldwater.  Goldwater had said that if he were elected
president, he would drop atomic bombs on North Viet
Nam.  It is easy to see how this terrified people.
   I was also present at the National Council meeting
in the days after the 1964 Christmas in New York where
Jim Brook proposed an April march on Washington to
protest the war in Viet Nam.  The primary supporters
of the April march were exactly the same people who
had supported the "part of the way" slogan.  
   There was substantial opposition to the march.  Its
opponents felt that it would take resources away from
the ERAP project which was involved with poor people
organizing.  Actually the march won by a narrow

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