[Marxism] Bush is not the problem, MEMES are

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hello all this second post was just to correct the subject line: Bush's 
Hawks are NOT the problem

Hello all:

Here is a small article about MEMES:

The problem with so many weird ideologies in nations like USA, Europe etc. 
is that when the media is full of disinfo it might lead to weird ideologies.

The ultimate danger is fascism, of which Nazism was a varient. What we are 
seeing in the U.S. today is that a large portion of the U.S. population is 
being brainwashed by  galloping fascism orchestrated by the media usually. 
It permeates right-wing rhetoric, and guides the goals of domestic and 
foreign policy. David Neiwert on Orcinus has been eloquent on this.

As insane and destructive as the Bush Regime is proving to be, I have an 
unhappy sense that we ain't seen nothing yet.

Unique historical circumstances in the US have created fertile soil in which 
fascist memes take root and flourish. The two most important are the 
prevalence of fundamentalist and charismatic strains of Christianity; and 
traditions of deprived entitlement, longstanding hatred, and racism (mainly 
the backwash of the Civil War.)

The bad guys in the US are extremely numerous, and are probably being pumped 
up, on a daily basis, into frustrated rage by news out of Iraq and 
Washington. These guys are much more likely to be armed, skilled at 
violence, and free of restraint than the majority of US citizens.

And for every active fascist thug, there are probably fifteen or twenty 
passive, strutting supporters who will be pumping fists into the air 
whenever right-wing political violence is reported (or proposed).

We may be looking at very bad times. Whether the Bush Regime finds a way of 
leveraging, and to some extent guiding, rightwing malice, it's out there in 

And the complete, unequivocal failure of our Iraq venture, and the obvious 
consequent humiliation of the US on a lot of levels, is going to galvanize 
those people.

this is just to show you that the only ones guilty for the juggernaut of 
plunder and exploitation are not Bush and his hawks.  But a usually Bush and 
his neocon hawks are supported by about 50% of USA population (130 million 
people) who support fascism. (That's right u heard me, about 125 millions of 
people support the atrocities of right wing military fascist system that is 
ruling tyhe USA society as a whole, so this is why Bush and his hawks are 
the guilty ones, in other words.  Bush and his hawks end in 2008 but then 
another fascist might take power like the Clinton-Dinasty or Bush-3 (Jeb 
Bush and the problem might even worsen)

(And watch out, don't talk to those fascist people, a lot of them hang out 
at capitalist churches, drive luxury cars, go to malls, go to SAMS (They eat 
a lot too) they are not content with small portions of foods, they like to 
eat a lot, cuz their glottony goes so far, even the Bible says not to eat a 

But capitalist right wing religious people don't even read the whole Bible, 
they only read sentences of the bible, they hate Jesus really cuz Jesus was 
a revolutionary, they only like Constantine, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swagart 
and some other right wing church leaders.  These people are dangerous, they 
look out the windows to see what their neighbors are doing, if they see a 
parent touching a little girl, they would call the COPS so that the daddy 
COPS can put them in Guantanamo NAZI camps)

this is just to show you the mentality and MEMES (Mental viruses) of fascism 
as a virus, our goal really should be to destroy the fascists

This article is cool, it depicts how the USA is turning to be, into 2 
countries (A nation of fascist republican elitist bastards who live in big 
houses, own big 10 cilinders SUVs, haha every thing big, big cars, big 
boats, eat out in fancy stupid restaurants like the Olive Garden, go to the 
stupid shopping malls, and go to right wing bible churches, and the other 
USA who work 8-12 hrs a day, go to wal mart, don't have medical insurance, 
have many illnesses cuz they have to eat chemically manipulated industrial 
capitalist foods like white breads, nutrasweet etc. and cannot eat too many 
fruits and vegetables cuz farrmers are right wingers and they are supported 
by the right wing system so their crops have to be real expensive so that 
they can earn a lot while people die of diabetes and obesity)



Thursday, 05 January 2006

The pace of events continues to accelerate. You can feel it in the air 
‑ there is a rumbling beneath the surface of American society, and it 
is clear that sooner rather than later, all the pent up pressure and 
frustration will burst onto the surface. Most people do not learn from 
books: they must go through the school of hard knocks called capitalism. It 
is their own experience of the insecurity, injustice, and decaying chaos of 
capitalist society that finally forces them to realize that its existence 
and the existence of humanity are no longer compatible. In the coming 
decades, the fate of humanity will be decided one way or another: socialism 
or barbarism.

The U.S. is rapidly losing its already tenuous grip on the world, and the 
long-oppressed people of Latin America are at the forefront of the struggle 
to overthrow centuries of imperialist exploitation. In this issue of 
Socialist Appeal we pay special attention to recent developments in this 
region, namely the elections in Bolivia and Venezuela. Although each 
reflects a different stage of the revolutionary process, they form part of a 
bigger picture: the Latin American Revolution. This represents a mortal 
threat to the entire capitalist system.

Revolutions do not respect borders. The danger of events south of the Rio 
Grande spilling across into the U.S. is one of the main reasons for the 
recent spate of reactionary anti-immigration pronouncements and proposed 
laws. Under the guise of the “war on terror”, they are preparing public 
opinion for the repression and deportation of the most revolutionary layers 
of this massive and dispossessed population. The working class must stand 
united against these attacks on our rights and freedoms, against all forms 
of discrimination, and against the bosses’ “divide and conquer” policies.

Working people need to stick together in face of the all-out assault on our 
rights, wages, conditions, and dignity. The conduct of the MTA, the city and 
state of New York, the corporate media, and the union “mis-leadership” 
during the aborted TWU strike in New York City made this crystal clear. 
Under pressure from the rank and file, New York’s Transit Workers’ Union 
Local 100s called a strike involving over 33,000 workers and brought the 
nation’s largest transit system to a halt.

The bosses, with the full support of the billionaires-club government, have 
launched an all-out assault on the trade unions (at Northwest Airlines, 
General Motors, Delphi, Ford, etc.), and hope to use this attack against the 
TWU as a battering ram against the entire labor movement.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which ended the year with a 
$1,000,000,000 surplus, claimed it had no money to meet the workers’ 
entirely reasonable demands. Once again we were told that while profits 
skyrocket, the workers that created that wealth must tighten their belts. 
The strike revealed clearly the chasm that exists between working people on 
the one hand, and the bosses and their state on the other. Declaring it an 
“illegal” strike, the authorities threatened stiff fines, court actions, and 
layoffs. If this is a “free” country, how can these workers be forced to 
work? It is clear that the bosses want to invalidate the unions’ fundamental 
right to bargain collectively.

As usual, the Democratic Party played a pernicious role during the dispute, 
as they have on the question of the Iraq War and the entire conduct of the 
Bush Administration. A complete break from this degenerate and rotten party 
is in order. They cannot serve both working people and their corporate 
masters. Now, more than ever, we need a party by and for working people.

Despite the media’s hysterical shrieking, millions of workers supported the 
strike, despite the inconvenience. They understand instinctively that these 
workers were standing up against forces that are affecting us all. The 
potential for a transformative breakthrough on the labor front was there. 
Unfortunately, the union leadership caved under the pressure, and sent its 
members back to work without a contract, thereby dramatically reducing their 
bargaining power and eroding their confidence.

Now, although pension benefits have been left alone, union members have lost 
even more in the form of higher health care costs and lower wage rises. 
Millions of dollars in draconian fines still hang over the heads of the 
strikers, and many TWU members are justifiably embittered and outraged by 
their leadership’s conduct during the strike.

Nonetheless, the short-lived strike showed the colossal potential power of 
working people when they unite. Not a wheel turns, not a light shines 
without the working class! It also highlights the tremendous amount of 
energy that will be required to break through the resistance of the bosses, 
the government, and the trade union leadership. By taking the unions on one 
at a time, they hope to avoid a direct confrontation with the class as a 
whole. So far, their tactic has worked. But sooner or later, there will be a 
breakthrough and when it happens it will mark an explosive change in the 
situation ‑ a revolutionary situation. In this issue, we also look at 
the extremely important development of the UAW “Soldiers of Solidarity”. All 
support to the Soldiers of Solidarity in their struggle against the 
predatory automakers: militant action based from the rank and file is the 
way forward!

As for President Bush, his approval is mired in controversy and discontent: 
an unpopular war, corruption scandals, post-Katrina bungling, domestic 
spying, and a clear lack of direction. He is already becoming a lame duck 
president, with 3 years left in his 2nd term. As we’ve explained in the 
past, with colossal arrogance come colossal mistakes, and it seems he and 
his clique may have finally gone too far. What little political capital he 
may have had has long since been used up.

The state of the economy is a major contributor to this general feeling of 
discontent. First time jobless claims are on the rise, and existing home 
sales continue to fall, with the number of houses on the market at the 
highest level since 1986. Indebtedness remains at unimaginable levels, and 
the danger of a bursting housing bubble increases every day. This is the 
reality of life under capitalism in the world’s wealthiest nation. For the 
overwhelming majority of humanity, things are even worse. Enough is enough! 
2006 is the year to start turning things around. Great events are on the 
horizon, and with them, many opportunities to build the forces of 
revolutionary Marxism in the U.S. and internationally. Join the WIL in the 
struggle for a better world.

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