[Marxism] A lesson from old history

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Thu Jan 12 07:46:25 MST 2006


To CB:

Your original comment was that some would liken Lenin to Morales in that he,
Lenin, did not have a "slogan" for expropriating the expropriators. Now you
want to know if Morales is a Lenin.  No he, Morales, is not he, Lenin.  But
there are workers, there are strike committees, there are factory, better
called, well/pipeline transmission committees.

CB: Those are somwhat rhetorical questions. If Morales does not have the
same organizational base that Lenin did, he probably shouldn't try "All
Power to the Soviets" or "expropriate the expropriators", yet. It is also
premature to rag him for betraying the revolution.

There were soldiers' and sailors' soviets when Lenin called for all power to

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