[Marxism] Re:A socialist prayer to God Almighty, wherever he is now

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 12 20:23:52 MST 2006

First, it's just not true that we, or anybody "had to attack Torres," to
prove that he would betray anything.  Class struggles are not quite such
a voluntarist thing....

But secondly, how can Nestor or anyone talk about this "ultra-leftism"
without even mentioning, much less analyzing the disintegration of the
Bolivian national revolution at the hands of the MNR, not analyze the
modernization and glorificaton of an essentially disgraced military
forces by the US at the invitation of the MNR in order to contain,
control, combat the class struggle that was moving outside the bounds of
"national salvation"?

And thirdly-- for every ultra-left adventure, we can point to 2,3, many
and more "national" "democratic" popular non-class socialist failures
with the workers and poor paying the horrendous price.  For every Torres
there's 2,3 Allendes.  There was no ultra-left attack on Allende that
cleared the path for Pinochet.  On the contrary, there was paralysis of
the left in support of the paralyzed Allende government.


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