[Marxism] The need for a spiritual revolution

Juan Carlos juancarloscruz at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 13 11:10:15 MST 2006

The Need for Spiritual Revolution

The root causes of the problems which bedevil all nations and individuals 
are always spiritual/moral in nature. Economic, social, psychological and 
political problems are merely symptoms of a deeper malaise. There can be no 
real and lasting solution to the world’s problems, therefore, without a 
spiritual/moral awakening and healing of large numbers of people.

Fortunately this is happening. A steadily growing spiritual awakening really 
is happening to millions of people in this country and around the world. To 
a large degree it is manifesting itself on the surface as a growing 
political and social awakening, facilitated largely by the Internet. But the 
underlying motivation of this awakening is the deep moral revulsion which 
hundreds of millions of people increasingly feel toward the bestial, satanic 
ruling order.

Nobody needs any particular religion or political party to tell them that 
the current status quo is thoroughly evil. People can feel it in their 
souls. Moral awareness is built-in to humanity, no matter what belief system 
people may have. That is why the predatory, parasitical rulers of America 
use their degraded corporate mass-media to drag large numbers of people down 
to a subhuman level. Ignorant, immoral subhumans are easy for evil rulers to 
control and exploit. Moral human beings cannot be controlled by evil rulers.

Whether people realize it or not, we are all engaged in a fight to the 
death. We are fighting for our very souls, as well as for the innocent 
children of the world who are butchered by American war criminals. If we 
fail to care about these children, about their families and all our 
victimized fellow human beings, we will lose our souls. It’s as simple as 
that. Those who don’t care will become cowardly, craven slaves to the 
satanic freaks that are desperately scrambling to conquer the world right 
now. That is a fate infinitely worse than mere death of the physical body.

*         *         *

The Candles in the darkness page has links to a small selection of spiritual 
wisdom teachings.

There are as many ways of knowing God as there are people. Respect for the 
world’s rich variety of spiritual paths is essential. Appreciation of 
variety counters the egoic tendency we all have to fall into the trap of 
cultism. Cultism may be defined as “group egocentricity”, and it can be 
political as well as religious. Politics and religion are cultic when they 
claim to have exclusive possession of truth. Cultic exclusivity is always 
very divisive, and thus it is inevitably destructive. In contrast, true 
spirituality is always unifying, healing and nourishing in its effect.

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