[Marxism] Re: Nuclear Power, again...

Juan Carlos juancarloscruz at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 13 11:17:46 MST 2006

My third-eye (six sent) tells me that Bush and his hawks are using the 
nuclear-power thing as a tool to steal more oil from the middle east 
(nuclear power is not bad really, global warming is not real bad too) but 
they are using ultra sensationalism around it so that the UN can give them 
the 'go ahead' to send the US kids (US troops) there and steal oil for: 
zionist bankers, right wing oil sector, right wing military industry, IMF, 
world bank and other right wing world fascist sectors that like to be in 
control of the world

Juan Carlos

"Que se acabe el arroz, la leche y la gasolina, pero el ron que no se acabe 
que esa es mi medicina." -Johnny Ventura

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