[Marxism] UFPJ/ ANSWER redux

Amaral1871 at aol.com Amaral1871 at aol.com
Sun Jan 15 07:15:50 MST 2006

I knew everyone coulddn't wait to restart this discussion, so....

Have comrades read the two counterpunch pieces dealing - more or less 
tangentially with the announcement by UFPJ that the left (in the organisational form 
of ANSWER) can go fuck themselves...

http://counterpunch.com/jw01142006.html   ; JoAnn Wypijewski 

http://counterpunch.com/brenner01102006.html ; Lenni Brenner

I thought Brenner made a convoluted but necessary argument that the pull of 
zionism viz. the democratic party is driving UFPJ in their desire to divorce 
themselves from the anti-imperialist anti-war forces. Wypijewski's argument 
consisted of setting up a straw-man argument i.e. that Brenner was looking to 
bathe the anti-war movement in the idealistic, pure waters of serial 
anti-imperialism and that UFPJ was doing the 'real world' work of building a broad-based 
single issue anti-Iraq War movement

OK....I assure you my desire to vent represents only a secondary purpose. I 
am interested in comrades' assesment of the strategic terrain currently faced 
by the broader anti-imperialist left (forces beyond ANSWER/TONC). This is not a 
defence of ANSWER for, if anything , they have made it much easier for the 
liberals to distance themselves from the anti-imperialist forces. This is true 
both by their (the WWP descendants) related   internal organisational regimes 
and their tactical tendency towards negotiation by fiat. but doesn't the left 
needs to encircle UFPJ so that no move can be made without the active 
(critical) participation of the left...don't we need to be speaking, forcefully and 
clearly, to their constituencies? 

This summer very important work was done by US Labour Against the War (USLAW) 
and the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) in forcing UFPJ into the successful 
joint action in September. Has the terrain shifted that much that our strategic 
interest allow us to now by-pass UFPJ. ( I am thinking concretely about the 
possible March actions...) ...No doubt the growth of CAN(/SAW) (as witness by 
Louis post about Santa Cruz) and the successful mobilisations of the World Can't 
Wait/ RCP show the obvious space for broadening the bases of mobilisation...but 
has quantity turned into quality, as the vulgar dialectician might ask? 

My vision is narrowly on NYC (though I am now in Caracas where comrades are 
either incredulous at our weakness and division or surprised a left even exists 
in the US) so my motivation is largely to canvas comrades in other parts 
about the relevance of the assessment or whether events and organising have 
overtaken/ over-ridden the maneouvers of Cagan et.al.

In struggle,


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