[Marxism] Guerrillas

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 15 10:23:30 MST 2006

Brian Shannon:
>I see no more reason to accept Little and Bortin's view of themselves
>than to accept the fraudulent memoiralist James Frey's recover from
>his past in "A Million Little Pieces." They have had years to perfect
>the rationalization of their story and present it in a way acceptable
>to mainstream radicalism.

So what is your explanation? That they were on the FBI's payroll like Ed 

>Do you recall their first action? The murder of the newly selected
>African-American superintendent of schools in Oakland. They must been
>in the same closet that they kept Hearst in to first decide to do
>this and then stay with it afterwards.

Actually this was the brainstorm of Donald DeFreeze, aka "Cinque", a Black 
escaped prisoner that they met in prison as part of a project that lots of 
ultraleftists were involved with in the 70s. There was a thin line between 
ordinary criminality and being a political prisoner in their eyes. If 
DeFreeze was on the payroll of the FBI, it is difficult to explain why he 
didn't flee the house in Los Angeles that cops had surrounded but committed 
suicide rather than being captured.

>What Louis overlooks is that from the beginning, this action was
>denounced by the WHOLE Left in the Bay Area, including its the plate- 
>glass revolutionaries. Eventually they got the support of one or two
>extremely suspect individuals.

I never claimed that the left supported them, did I?

>We need a new Celine or Dostoevsky to present such characters.

I'll stick with Lenin and Trotsky.

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