[Marxism] Bolivia (was somethingelse withtoomanyexclamationpoints)

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sun Jan 15 22:23:38 MST 2006

On Jan 15, 2006, at 11:43 PM, Marvin Gandall wrote:

> Is it a waste of time for Brian Shannon and others on the list to  
> support
> Peter Camejo and the Green Party so long as the US armed forces are  
> still
> intact?

These are different animals, at different times, and in different  
countries and I am sure that you know that.  You can't just list  
things and make formal comparisons. However, regarding support to  
Nader and Camejo ....

I supported Camejo and the Green Party as an opening to something  
that might grow. I believe it to be legitimate at this point in time,  
considering the relative weakness of the socialist movement in the  
U.S. Should such a formation grow into a more significant middle- 
class third party formation yet remain limited by the present Green  
Party program, socialists would find it necessary to express their  
differences in a sharper form and ultimately separate themselves  
while remaining allies for many issues.

Even at the present time, however, the only way to do this would be  
through an independent formation, possibly calling itself "Socialists  
for Nader/Camejo."*

Unlike the old SWP support for candidates of the Communist Party, it  
should be positive in its approach, while putting forward ideas and  
issues that would strengthen an independent campaign in the interest  
of the working class.§


* Someone suggested that the Independent Socialists was such a  
formation. I don't know enough about this organization but am willing  
to learn more. My understanding is that it is a little like the old  
SWP, but without the old SWP's superior tradition and program. In any  
case, I don't think that would prevent other socialists from  
independently supporting Nader and Camejo.
§ Camejo made a error during the recall movement in California. While  
it was correct to run for governor, he should never have supported  
the recall of an elected liberal governor that was initiated and  
initially funded by a reactionary. He should have defended Gray's and  
the people's election of him. 

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