[Marxism] Capitalism is the greatest evil of humanity

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     Capitalism is the greatest evil ever imposed on the species.  It 
dictates to the mass of the species so they can be enslaved by the few.
     To enslave the species means to take away his individuality.  This 
necessity comes from the fact that if he can think for himself he will 
decide against Capitalism.
     A major tool for enslaving the species is education institutions.  
Their job is to teach pro-capitalist, anti-species history.  This is done 
under the guise of teaching when in fact it is conditioning.  It starts at 
the very beginning with pledges of allegiances and a flag in every 
     Education in a capitalist state is not an educational endeavor but a 
conditioning tool.
     Even the act of education is conditioning the student to be a part of 
the mass work force.  Stay in line, be on time, speak only when you raise 
your hand.  Respect your leaders, the teachers, the principal.
     This conditioning then becomes respect your police, your president , as 
the children become adults.
     The children are overwhelmed by information in a capitalist state.   
Since there is far more than they can deal with it is left up to the 
teachers, administrators, politicians and police to sort it out for them.   
They invariably (with very few exceptions) sort it in support of a 
suppressive capitalist state.
     Teachers attempt to totally control the lives of students.  If they do 
not do their homework, NOTE: this is HOME work, they are punished by being 
denied recess or in some other manner.
     Therefore, the school system that is representing the capitalist 
government is controlling the student even when he is home.  He has no 
freedom from the beginning of his education to the end and by the time he 
gets to the end he does not even know what freedom is.  He is conditioned to 
believe freedom is to follow orders.
     Capitalism destroys every culture it encounters.  It must import slaves 
from cultures that are deprived of food, housing, clothing and a reasonable 
standard of living.
     They must do this to have someone at the bottom of the work force to do 
the labor.
     These poor people from these other cultures that are imported are 
required to renounce their cultural background and accept capitalism.
     Some cultures resist and that is when the capitalist state imposes 
harsher rules on their culture.  This in turn further deprives them until 
they bend to accept capitalism.

"Que se acabe el arroz, la leche y la gasolina, pero el ron que no se acabe 
que esa es mi medicina." -Johnny Ventura

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On Jan 15, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Louis Proyect wrote:

>As is made clear in extensive interviews with Russ Little and  Michael 
>Bortin, two SLA members serving life imprisonment, the  decision to launch 
>the SLA was motivated by a sense of outrage over  the continuing sins of 
>American imperialism after the end of  Vietnam war--and concomitantly a 
>sense that mass action to oppose  it was futile.

I see no more reason to accept Little and Bortin's view of themselves  than 
to accept the fraudulent memoiralist James Frey's recover from  his past in 
"A Million Little Pieces." They have had years to perfect  the 
rationalization of their story and present it in a way acceptable  to 
mainstream radicalism.

Hearst was kept in a closet, raped, and fed the filtered stories of  her 
father and her family by her captors. Aside from a disfunctional  family 
(possibly some of us have some too), it was also a 2nd and 3rd  generational 
one descended from a truly obnoxious individual. To  portray her conversion 
as representing something approaching  "normalcy" for the times makes no 
sense at all. We could analyze the  Hale Bopp people and in particular the 
Bob Jones people the same way.  There is always an explanation that makes 
some sense.

Do you recall their first action? The murder of the newly selected  
African-American superintendent of schools in Oakland. They must been  in 
the same closet that they kept Hearst in to first decide to do  this and 
then stay with it afterwards.

What Louis overlooks is that from the beginning, this action was  denounced 
by the WHOLE Left in the Bay Area, including its the plate- glass 
revolutionaries. Eventually they got the support of one or two  extremely 
suspect individuals.

We need a new Celine or Dostoevsky to present such characters. They  best 
way to handle they politically is to condemn them and their  actions from 
start to finish including their last puerile justications.


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