[Marxism] Bolivia (was somethingelse withtoomanyexclamationpoints)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 16 07:46:13 MST 2006

>Is it a waste of time for Brian Shannon and others on the list to support
>Peter Camejo and the Green Party so long as the US armed forces are still

Marvin, you are on record as being opposed to the Bolshevik seizure of 
power in 1917 despite the disintegration of the armed forces. You are the 
world's greatest expert at finding excuses for not making a revolution.

>Or is it hoped that his candidacy and that of other "progressive" Greens
>will trigger developments in the US which will culminate in a shift in class
>power in a way - for some reason - that is not possible in the case of
>similar electoral challenges in Bolivia and elsewhere in Latin America and
>around the world?

If conditions were like this in the USA when Nader was announcing his 
campaign, I am sure that we would have not wasted our time petitioning for him:

Bolivia's embattled government was teetering yesterday as the capital 
ground to a halt after two weeks of protests about an issue that has 
already toppled one president - the ownership of energy resources.

Roadblocks shut down 60% of the country's main arteries, isolating several 
cities including La Paz and the main international airport. Fuel shortages 
were being reported in the capital, which has been rocked by sporadic 
violence for three days.

Tens of thousands of mainly indigenous protesters have descended on La Paz 
calling for the gas industry, the chief source of wealth, to be 
nationalised. They also want the constitution to be rewritten.

The protesters, comprising miners, farmers, teachers and students, have 
tried to storm the heavily fortified plaza outside the national parliament, 
but have been repelled by teargas and rubber bullets. Some miners have 
thrown dynamite at the police ranks.

Others have fanned out to wealthier neighbourhoods, smashing the windows of 
shops and parked cars.

The Guardian (London), June 3, 2005

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