[Marxism] Re: Nuclear Power and Socialism

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 16 09:23:55 MST 2006

At 05:20 16/01/2006, Emerson Tung wrote
>Paddy Apling:
>"the most effective way of capturing the energy coming from the sun, 
>by a large
>factor, is photosynthesis by plants"
>This is strictly not true, solar thermal to electricity conversion is
>something like 20-50%, Photovoltaics around 20-35%. Plants utilize
>something like 4-8% through photosynthesis. If we had to depend on
>plants for fuel ie wood, biofuel, we'd be back in the Middle Ages.

You need to consider this on an AREA basis.  What % of land 
is/can-you cover with photovoltaics. or solar panels.....

Actually, of course there are experiments afoot to industrialise 
photosynthesis - which if it works out would be much cheaper than 
solar panels or inorganic photovoltaics.  But in the interim, plants 
provide the greatest overall capture of solar power.


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