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I pose simple questions, fundamental questions to which the answers can
be examined and offered based on the makeup of the current Bolivian
economy, its social classes, the relations between city and countryside,
the history of Bolivia's development of underdevelopment.

You respond in characteristically "agnostic"  [a term I am appropriating
from comrade Brian] fashion.  I might even say equivocating fashion.

The questions and the answers are not at all doctrinaire.  I have looked
at, studied, for some time, the  history of Bolivia, its economic and
social development, and the actions of the bourgeoisie throughout the
period of the MNR and beyond.  Has my study been exhaustive?  Of course
not.  But I derive the questions and answers from that study and not
from the "gospel" of Trotsky.  On the contrary, it is the study of the
concrete history, the concrete determinants of struggle in Boliva that
confirms that historical validity of previous Marxists studies of the
determinants and needs of revolution.

Now  in answer to some of your other points:  Morales has not been a
leader of the ongoing struggles since 2003. His actual role in those
contests has been, pardon the reuse of the term, "equivocating."   MAS
has participated in those struggles to more or less a degree, to be
sure.  But the actual "infantry" in the struggles that overthrew the two
preceding governments has been organized and launched outside the
leadership of Morales and the MAS.

You state:  " a) there must not be a single landless peasant left,
although it should  be noted that the process of nationalization of the
land can be  stretched over long time;"  Talk about ahistorical,
ideological, doctrinaire responses, lifted in total from previous
struggles and applied, imposed on the current struggle, this is it.
Let's be clear, the tradition of most of the indigenous people in
Bolivia is not of private ownership of land, of private subsistence
agricultural production.    Let's also be clear, the MNR during its
rule, its national revolution, attempted to institute just this petty,
private land ownership throughout Bolivia.  And it failed.  Completely,
utterly, totally-- and its failure drove the MNR rightward into the
hands of the US equipped, at the MNR behest, military.  Let's get real
comrades, and look at the real programs and real failures of the real
"national revolutiona" in Bolivia.

As for the rest of your positions-- they are as unconcrete,
unhistorical, and uncritical as your land position.  Unity is made a
thing in itself, without content and quality.  You  warn against
"hostility" to Morales at the beginning, as if hostility is an issue in
and of itself, without material determinants.  We, the, pick one or
more, ultra-left, doctrinaire, static ideologists, white skinned
imperial formal logicians, etc.  are not at all hostile to Morales.  We
might even think he's a great guy, big hearted, with the best of
intentions... And so what?  All those things count for exactly nothing.


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