[Marxism] Bush: Trending Up Again

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Jan 16 23:54:21 MST 2006

Yoshie's right on the timing of this.  Bush was doing poorly in early
2004 and late summer 2005.  

I think there are two major considerations in all this.  When that
portion of this disembodied "public opinion" that bought into the scams
earlier becomes disaffected, they still desperately want to believe the
scams.  After all, if they actually come to see them as scams, it
indicates that their approach to the world is somehow flawed.  So, about
20-25% of these polls supported Bush for flimsy reasons and, when
disaffected, remain predisposed to backslide.

Whether or not they do backslide depends on whether or not their
concerns find any validation in the debates and discussions of those
they have always seen as the experts.  In each of these cases, the
disaffected looked to the Democrats who glanced nervously at the stock
market and then crapped out entirely on any consistent opposition.

I suspect that this fluctuating group were the ones that wound up saying
that they hated the Vietnam War but hated the antiwar protesters even
more.  So, after the Vietnam War was no longer hurting us, quickly
embraced the right-wing mythologies about the war.

Another consideration is the media.  Their interests are to get people
watching the news, so they're predisposed to exaggerate things like how
close elections are, or scandals and controversies that have little to
do with the structure of power.  In the best of times, they are
predisposed to exaggerate the importance of conflicts the US government
has with other nations.  The media in general loves war and has gotten a
lot of programming from the current one, for which they are as
responsible as they were for Vietnam.  

Once underway, though, war becomes old news and the media is then
inclined to find disaffection as a potential source of drama as
well...but only to a point.  

Rollercoasting approval ratings are a reasonable result.


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